Serbian breakfast
pork prosciutto, clotted cream, two sunny side up eggs, red pepper relish, tomato
Omelette of choice
three eggs, cheese, pancetta, aubergine, pepper, mushrooms, zucchini, onion
Continental breakfast
toast, butter, jam, honey
French toast Serbe
homemade bread, egg, mixed green salad, red onion, cherry tomatoes, clotted cream, red pepper relish, tartar sauce


Club sandwich
toast with chicken fillet, pancetta, Gouda cheese, egg, tomato, green salad, Caesar dressing with French fries and ketchup
Serbian sandwich
toast with clotted cream spread, beef prosciutto, tomato, green salad, new potatoes, ketchup
Toast sandwich
toast with sour cream spread, prosciutto, Gouda cheese with French fries and ketchup


Serbian starter platter
pork prosciutto, beef prosciutto, homemade white cheese, proya (cornbread), red pepper relish, clotted cream
Tartar tuna 200 gr
tuna fish, lucerne shoots, toast, lemon, black sesame, prawn sauce
Bass carpaccio
fresh bass thinly sliced fillet, dried tomato, rocket, orange slices, olive oil, mango dressing
Beef carpaccio
thin beef slices, basil, parmesan, rocket, cherry tomato, toasted almonds, basilico dressing
Smoked salmon
salmon, toast, caper, cherry tomato, red onion, parsley, mixed green salad
Salmon Bel canto
poached salmon fillet, julienne cucumber, pomegranate, cream, olive oil, cherry tomato, rocket, red onion
Steak tartar 250 gr
beef, toast, butter
Cheese platter
Brie, Gouda cheese, goat cheese, gorgonzola, parmesan with toast and cherry tomato jam
Homemade pork prosciutto 100 gr
pork prosciutto with red wine soaked dried figs
Homemade prosciutto 100 gr
Soup / Lemon / Garlic
Homemade cheese
cheese in olive oil and herbs
Caprese salad
mozzarella, pesto sauce, tomato
Octopus salad
octopus, rocket, cherry tomato, red onion, olive oil, lemon, caper
Bruschetta Nabucco
tomato, basil, garlic, olive oil


Duck breast Rasputin
sliced duck breast, cherry tomato, white cheese, picquant pepper, mixed green salad
Risotto Madame Butterfly
prawn, zucchini, saffron, prosecco sparkling wine, cherry tomato, garlic
Grilled halloumi cheese
halloumi cheese, rocket, cherry tomato, citrus and honey dressing
Quesadilla with mushrooms and Gouda cheese
sautéed spicy mushrooms in tortilla with Gouda cheese on mixed salad and mango salsa
Grilled goat cheese
grilled goat cheese with mixed salad and balsamico
Mushroom trio
sautéed button mushrooms, porcini, oyster mushrooms
Chicken risotto
chicken fillet slices, button mushrooms, pesto sauce, toasted almond in mozzarella cream sauce
Black risotto
risotto, calamari, octopus, prawn, lucerne shoots, cherry tomato


Homemade soup with noodles
Cream beef potage with basil
Daily special vegetable potage


Fitness salad
grilled chicken sticks on mixed green salad, cherry tomato, toasted almond, balsamico dressing, sliced parmesan
Beef steak salad
grilled beef sticks on mixed green salad, cherry tomato, cucumber slices, leek shoots, Dijon mustard dressing
Halloumi salad
grilled halloumi cheese slices, rocket, cherry tomato, parsley, pear, zucchini, basil, mint with honey dressing
Goat cheese salad
goat cheese, Iceberg salad, lucerne shoots, red wine soaked figs, Mediterranean herbs and walnut dressing
Caesar salad
grilled crusty chicken on salad with Caesar dressing, parmesan slices, croutons

PASTA (spaghetti, penne, gnocchi, tagliattelle)

Boris Godunov
chicken fillet slices, broccoli, pesto in cream sauce
Salmon with three kinds of mushrooms
button mushrooms, porcini, oyster mushrooms, salmon fillet slices, herb cream sauce
pancetta, egg, cream sauce
tomato, basil, garlic, olive oil
Four cheese sauce
parmesan, Gouda cheese, brie, gorgonzola, butter


Serbian steak
pork fillet stuffed with prosciutto, yellow cheese with mushroom sauce, savoury potatoes
Karadjordje steak
breaded pork fillet stuffed with clotted cream, tartar sauce, savoury new potatoes
Pork medallions in prune sauce
pork medallions with pancetta, prune and cognac sauce, mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables
Lightly oven-grilled beef steak
sliced beef, porcini, cream sauce with spicy new potatoes
Serbian piquant chicken
chicken breast, pancetta, vegetables, red sauce, mashed potatoes


Grilled beef steak
Grilled duck breast
Grilled chicken fillet
Grilled turkey fillet
Grilled pork fillet


Duck breast Barber of Seville
duck breast in honey, cognac and orange sauce
Beef steak Turandot
grilled beef steak with caramelised dried pepper, onion and lightly oven-baked feta cheese, mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables
Pepper steak
beef steak in green pepper sauce, mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables
Tagliata steak
grilled beef slices, rocket, cherry tomato, parmesan, olive oil
Rolled chicken Figaro
chicken stuffed with goat cheese, red wine soaked dried figs and creamy porcini sauce
Curry chicken
grilled chicken fillet, curry sauce, Indian nut, rice
Chicken bites with three dips
chicken fillet pieces breaded with Caesar, tartar and Dijon dips, French fries
Peanut chicken
grilled chicken with peanut sauce, grilled vegetables, mashed potatoes
Turkey with pasta tatters
turkey fillet, homemade pasta tatters, gorgonzola, cream sauce
Turkey Mediterranean
grilled turkey fillet in pumpkin seeds sauce, mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables
Turkey Don Giovanni
grilled turkey fillet in caramelised honey and lime sauce, mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables


Grilled bass fillet
bass fillet, julienne mango, red onion, cucumber, black sesame, cherry tomato
Grilled prawns shelled /unshelled 300 grams respectively
prawns, rise, mixed green salat with bitter sweet souce
Grilled octopus
octopus, orange slices, curcuma, boiled potatoes, rocket, caper
Salmon La Bohème
prosciutto rolled salmon fillet, mango, cucumber, pepper, red onion
Rosemary salmon fillet
grilled salmon fillet with rosemary, mango, cucumber, pepper, onion
Grilled calamari
calamari, rocket, curcuma, boiled potatoes, caper, lemon, garlic


French fries
Savoury new potatoes
Grilled vegetables
Potatoes and Swiss chard
Boiled rice
Mashed potatoes
Verdura (mixed vegetables).
Mixed snacks 100 grams
Hazelnut 100 grams
Almonds 100 grams
Indian nut 100 grams


Pepper sauce
Four cheese sauce
Gorgonzola sauce
Curry sauce
Mushroom sauce
Porcini sauce
Bittersweet sauce


Tomato salad
Tomato with cheese
Greek salad
Cucumber salad
Green salad (mix of four)
Rocket salad
Rocket with parmesan
Mixed salad
Serbian salad
Shopska salad
Cabbage salad
Tarator salad
Fresh hot pepper
Rocket, cherry tomato, parmesan
Cherry tomato


Clotted cream 100 grams
Mozzarella 100 grams
Parmesan 100 grams
Gorgonzola 100 grams
Brie 100 grams
Gouda cheese 100 grams
Feta 100 grams


Opera cake
almond, walnut, chocolate, Nescafé
Plum dumplings
Cherry pie.
apple, raisins, walnut, cinnamon, sugar, flour
Crêpes with crème caramel and apples
apple, cinnamon, raisins, caramel, rum, pine nuts
Fresh fruit plate
Chestnut purée
Seasonal fruit

homemade bread, olive spread, butter, napkin